Community charter
Our commitment is to create a meeting space for people who identify with the Mad2Moi ethics, with the transparency and benevolence that characterize - without defining them - loving, friendly and free relationships. We explained it in the welcome e-mail sent to you and to which we remind you of its principles through this charter. The absence of agreed discussions and / or benevolent meetings is equivalent to non-compliance with the clauses of this charter. The consequence could be exclusion from the site and a report. Creating an inclusive and secure environment is above all a voluntary individual process. This implies that your profile must be filled in - in French - and have a photo of you in a private or public album before you can access the site. You therefore accept any request for verification by our moderation team. In short: This space is not a place of adultery or for a single sexual purpose. If this seems incompatible with your expectations, with all our benevolence, we wish you to find a space which suits you more. In the ethics of Mad2Moi dating, consensual relationships therefore presuppose that infidelity has no place in extra-romantic relationships. If you agree with the principles and our operating rules then welcome! Your profile : With the greatest respect for others, it seems more valuable to us to avoid offensive or discriminating language, so no incitement or proposals contrary to the law. You are free to express yourself according to your expectations, needs, refusals, or anything else you feel necessary to say before you are contacted. This includes reciprocity in reading and respecting visitor profiles. We position ourselves in favor of visibility and it is an editorial choice to offer each person an interactive space for personal expression. Each person is unique, and as such, expresses himself freely and individually on his own profile. If you prefer to meet "as a couple" you can indicate it in your respective profiles by mentioning, for example, the nickname of your partners concerned or you can directly create a form provided for this purpose. Nb: Be careful with the choice of the nickname. We spare you the pearls that we have seen pass ... and refused.



Your pictures :

  It would be a shame to post a photo without talking about yourself. your profile must be completed at least before you can post photos.

  Your profile albums ideally include at least one photo of you. Your public profile picture can represent something else and not another person. If several people, adults only, appear in a photo, it is in a private album exclusively. Each person has a specific relationship to nudity and therefore we suggest keeping this kind of photos for private correspondence, on a mutually agreed basis. The photos belong to you or you have the explicit permission of a third party if they appear there as defined by law.

  Adding a photo or changing the photo status to private or public - a function available by browsing your photo gallery - will be validated by moderation, which reserves the right to refuse a public photo but authorize it in a private album or again refuse it by deleting it. Our benevolence is attentive ;-). The videos, exclusively public, are also validated by moderation and limited to 20 MB.


  Your exchanges:

  In a spirit of well-being towards this community, it seems more pleasant that the exchanges remain respectful and attentive to the needs or refusals expressed. It also implies knowing how to say no to a discussion or meeting proposal. The causes of this refusal are personal, so it seems opportune to accept it in all benevolence, it thus reflects an appreciable mutual respect.


  What if it gets out of hand?

  Private exchanges are, as the name suggests, private. In this terms, we are deprived of readability and therefore of moderation. You are entitled to block a person for reasons which belong to you and free to report a profile to us, if you believe that behavior is inappropriate or if you have a valid doubt. We will check and then take the necessary measures if necessary.

  We may, on our own initiative or after a report, verify the validity of the information in a profile and / or temporarily suspend it.


- The rule of three cautions will not always apply, sometimes it is more direct.

- It is only fair to avoid blocking a profile that says "I am moderator".


Recall :

  Our role is to inform about the framework of this site.

  The .com of the site indicates that we are dependent on international law. The site editor assumes legal responsibility if he becomes aware of facts contrary to the law and must take the resulting measures.

  Information links on consent under French law, cyberbullying (Criminal Code: article 222-33-2-2) and many more will be available at the top of the list in the resources section.

  Turning your fingers seven times on your keyboard is therefore proof of interpersonal skills.


  To contact us: