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The essentials of dating

It is a fact that isolation has a dramatic effect on relationships. Couples locked up at home argue, friends drift away because of a lack of outings and meetings, leisure activities are reduced to a minimum, everyone isolates himself in his routine... how can you meet people in love and friendship in such a context? Because you have to go on living, Mad2Moi offers you its dating application to break the solitude, meet new people and why not start a great love story that starts with a nice letter!


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The friendship dating blog



Friends are a breath of fresh air in difficult times, but it is also to them that we turn to share moments of happiness and pleasure. It is important to surround yourself with good friends you can really count on to build healthy, reciprocal and respectful relationships that could lead (why not? you never know!) to something deeper.

Causes of isolation
Shy, introverted, burnt out by past bad experiences? If you already had trouble reaching out to others in normal times, the health crisis has probably made things worse for you. With the general mistrust surrounding the coronavirus, it is difficult to trust each other spontaneously: tensions erupt at the slightest pretext and the fear of contamination is eating away at existing social relationships. And how can you form new relationships with strangers when everyone wears a mask on their face?

Out of weariness, laziness, fear, and the comfort of one's own routine, we end up locking ourselves into our habits and becoming more and more isolated. But solitude ends up suffocating us. How can we break this isolation?

How to break the solitude
Due to the health crisis, leisure facilities are being closed or access to them is so restricted that people are discouraged from even trying. Sport, cinema, culture, bars and restaurants are nevertheless places where people normally meet friends and lovers: will the coronavirus be the reason for "chance" meetings?

If you have to practice social distancing, try the internet: the Mad2Moi dating application will put you in immediate contact with thousands of profiles. You are not alone. Whether you're looking for a friend, someone to talk to, someone to share your good and bad moods with, you're bound to find people who are looking for the same thing as you.

Making new friends
Are your current friends letting you down, drifting away from you, not understanding you? Perhaps they are not good friends for you. Rather than waiting to be alone, cultivate new relationships by meeting new people. Discover on the app profiles that match you and contact members who have something in common with you or whose description intrigues you: you don't risk anything by asking, and then, it could be the beginning of a beautiful story?



Friendship dating


Dating applications also offer the possibility to meet single people.

Break the routine
Single or in a relationship, are you fed up with routine? Looking for adventures to spice up your sex life or to fulfil a fantasy? You will find on Mad2Moi many profiles of singles who will make you forget your doubts: funny, charming, cultured, reserved, awkward... you probably won't find the perfect man or woman, but you could meet many warm, attractive, interesting, open and endearing singles!

Finding love
You can often find the right person in your circle of friends! To find love, start by looking for friendship. In order to spend your life with someone, or at least a good time, you need to get along well. From friendship to love, there is only one step, which is much easier to take online.

Successful dating
Tired of your family asking if you're going to meet someone soon? Tired of being alone in front of your Netflix series at night? The key to a successful dating life is you. Take the lead and meet profiles that really interest you rather than waiting for Prince Charming, or for your mother-in-law to tell you about her umpteenth friend's "marriageable" son?


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